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6 iconic BLACKPINK award show looks that will make you fall in love

BLACKPINK has been recently sweeping the charts and everyone’s hearts with their new pre-release track “Pink Venom”.  While the world is no stranger to their amazing talent, their visuals have always been swoon-worthy. From out-of-the-box costumes to awesome jewelry and colorful hairstyles, the four girls can pull off anything. But award shows are events where one has to look at their perfect self, which is actually BLACKPINK’s specialty. Hence, we bring you 6 iconic BLACKPINK looks from award ceremonies which are literally FASHION GOALS.

6. 2020 Golden Disk Awards

Blessing the audience with an ethereal look, BLACKPINK dressed in all-white was a marvelous sight to see. While their outfits differed, the charm in their own personality shined through perfectly. Sporting different hair colors, they complimented their outfits in such a way that they looked flawlessly natural. Hence, “The 2020 Golden Disk Awards” BLACKPINK is still fresh in BLINKS’ memories. Rose had a different look, going for a black embroidered dress while the other three fused white with their outfits. Standing out individually, the stylist made a perfect job of enhancing the girls’ beauty.

5. 2016 Asia Artist Awards

 One of the reasons these looks of BLACKPINK are iconic is because of their vivid hair colors. From monochrome to animal prints, they rocked it all. All of them wore skirts and heeled boots of a height only graceful queens like them could pull off.

4. 2017 Gaon Chart Awards

BLACKPINK graced the red carpet of the 2017 Gaon Chart with the floral theme. Giving off Forest Nymph vibes, they looked as if they took off time to appear for the idol duties after their Forest Fairy duties. Their bright dresses enhance their beauty perfectly, fit for the talented women of the band.

3. 2018 Gaon Chart Awards

Another entry of the girl band clad in monochrome fits. BLACKPINK has a history of rocking the monochrome fits as no one can. While the girls usually use both black and white in their outfits, they chose to dress in those colors alternatively. Rose and Lisa were dressed in white while Jennie and Jisoo chose black. Regardless, they still carried their signature BLACKPINK vibe, dazzling the people present.

2. 2018 Gayo Daejun awards

Their stage outfits have always been iconic, but what really snagged the interest and awe of the people at the 2018 Gayo Daejun Awards was the Red Carpet look of BLACKPINK. Varying in length, color, and theme, their outfits, despite being different from each other, complimented their individual beauty really well. Thus, their different looks elevated their charm without overshadowing each other. This showed how BLACKPINK may consist of girls who are different from each other but suit each other so wonderfully that they fit together like puzzle pieces. Individually, their beauty is one thing, but together, they are literally a band of GODDESSES. Special Mention for Jisoo’s bangs 😫

1. Coachella 2019

Probably one of the most memorable outfits BLACKPINK has ever worn. The fandom had just one word for the look they had in Coachella, “ETHEREAL”. They still use clips and pictures from this majestic event on fan edit videos and pictures and, well, we honestly can’t blame them. The four girls absolutely SLAYED those outfits along with their performance and hence became the winner of the first position on our list. From hair to their outfits to the sheer confidence they carried, they literally owned that festival. We’re sure the BLINKS would agree 😏

We know that these are not even the brink of the beauty of the outfits that we have covered, but we tried. Like, come on, getting all their looks in one article is impossible, but if you want us to make another one with BLACKPINK’s other looks, TYPE IT DOWN IN THE COMMENTS, BESTIES! Until then, dance to the tunes of BLACKPINK’s new banger, “Pink Venom.”

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