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BIGBANG Once Showed Their Graciousness by Warmly Welcoming iKON to Share the Stage

Back in 2015, at the MelOn Music Awards, fans got to witness something amazing; BIGBANG and iKON sharing the stage!

2015 was undoubtedly a big year for BIGBANG and the group swept the awards, winning the coveted ‘Artist of the Year’ award and also the ‘Song of the Year’ for “Bang Bang Bang”.

While accepting the Artist of the Year award, BIGBANG welcomed the then upcoming group iKON on to the stage.

iKON had won the ‘Best New Male Artist’ award earlier and their night only got better as BIGBANG warmly welcomed them to share the stage.

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While some VIPs were not happy with this at the time, saying it was disrespectful of iKON to barge in on BUGBANG’s spotlight, it is clear for all to see that  G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri were more than happy to share the spotlight with the youngsters.

This wasn’t exactly the first time the two groups had shared the stage though.

Back then, iKON were just getting started and BIGBANG were not only well-established but the biggest boy band in K-pop. 

Over the years, iKON have carved out a reputation for themselves similar to BIGBANG and now boast of worldwide fame. 

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BIGBANG is coming back with a bang!

BIGBANG, after a hiatus of four years, have announced a comeback. The group will release a new single in Spring. While the song has already been recorded, the boy band is now shooting the music video for the same.

While VIPs were naturally ecstatic with this development, there was another announcement that may have caused some sadness among the fan base. T.O.P and YG Entertainment have parted ways.

Despite this, though, the official statement did say that TOP would do his bets to continue playing a part in BIGBANG’s future ventures if it is feasible.

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