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Which ENHYPEN Music Video is the best?

ENHYPEN is one of those groups who have shot up to fame directly when they debuted or even before, owing to their survival show. But this is not only due to the wider reach they got during their debut, it was their immense talent and dedication that brought them this far. And just like the group, the producers and the staff backing and helping them are no less. Coming up with concepts, storylines, costumes, makeup, choreography, and set design contribute equally to the success of the group. The staff and the group’s hard work are showcased in ENHYPEN’s Music Videos.

Image Courtesy: ENHYPEN’S Official Instagram account (@enhypen)

Debuting with the horror concept of supernatural/ superhero beings, ENHYPEN really exceeded our expectations from the get-go. But when discussed in the fandom, ENGENES always hold “Tamed-Dashed” near to their heart. They do love other tracks and comebacks, but “Tamed-Dashed” was so……..ENHYPEN that it made a special place in the fans’ hearts.
While they established a vampire storyline in “Drunk-Dazed”, “Tamed-Dashed” was something on the opposite of their spectrum.

They always made MVs with dark and mysterious concepts, but this MV was all bright, cheery, and happy. This is what made this different for both ENHYPEN and ENGENES. It is like a glimpse into the lives of vampires in summers when they actually enjoy the Sun. It can also be their wish and manifestation of their dreams, their yearning to enjoy summer. But nonetheless, it is a fresh breath of summer air, if you know what I mean *aggressive winking*

What captivated the audience the most is the bright vibe the song carried. While the previous tracks, “Given- Taken” and “Drunk-Dazed” have a haunting and dark vibe, “Tamed-Dashed “‘s fast pace does not make your heart race with fear or eerily, but it makes your heart pump with happiness and excitement. The choreography, being intricate and yet so beautiful, has been performed so well by the group that it seems like they have been practicing it for years. The music is fast-paced, a signature of ENHYPEN, which is so good that you can’t help but thump your foot or bob your head to the music, especially the chorus. Best part? The way it shows the boys enjoying and having fun in the sun, being carefree and happy.

Enhypen’s Webtoon Link

While the storyline can also be linked to ENHYPEN’s webtoon, called “DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR“. The characters are basically the members themselves but just in different personas. Hence, it can be said that it may be a music video showing the characters of the webtoon coming to life. The story of the webtoon shows the members tidying in a night school, so we can visualize and imagine what they could be doing during the day. While they have to be low-key( though we do not think that they could be quite successful with that, their mere PRESENCE is so charismatic that you can feel their aura from miles away) they do not have much time or opportunity to enjoy themselves fully. Hence, this may be a way for the group to show us that their beloved characters are having fun and are not completely missing out.

There are actually two versions made of the song. They both are from the opposite side of the spectrum. The Korean version is different with its bright vibe and concept with a cheerful MV. They went back to their signature dark vampire concept in the Japanese Version. Though the concept was something of an extension of their dark vampire concept, everything from the aesthetic to the costumes was so gritty yet beautiful, but you can’t help but marvel at the versatility of the concept. Thus, it shows two different sides of the same track and is like a homecoming to the ENHYPEN vampire clan’s reality.

No wonder the “Tamed-Dashed” comeback is a favorite for the fans. The group stuck to their storylines but used their versatility to give the fans a fresh perspective and vision of the group’s story. The music is still sung, hummed, and danced to on a daily basis by the fandom. The costumes are recreated too. It’s like the comeback itself deserves its own fandom. So……..where do we sign up for the lifetime membership of the “Tamed-Dashed” fandom? 👉🏻👈🏻

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