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Which is the best BLACKPINK music video?

BLACKPINK is a band which is known for its talent and power wrapped in beauty. Known for its stellar member line, they believe in quality over quantity. The members who sliver both as a group and as solo artists have been grabbing our attention not only through their outstanding music but also through their other skills such as modelling, dance and being quite accomplished artists. Having a loyal fanbase such as the BLINKS, they have been dominating the girl group scene since their debut in 2016.


Hence, since their debut, they have been establishing themselves as a group of beautifully talented girls who are known for their dynamic music and fierce choreography in music videos. Being brand ambassadors for big labels proves that their fashion sense is on point too, which is evident in their costumes in the music videos. Maybe this is why “How You Like That” remains BLINKS’ top favourite amongst all the music videos of their adored girls.

The iconic BLACKPINKs “How You Like That”

Continuing their legacy of girl-crush concepts and girl rebellion, BLACKPINK went for a darker tone in this comeback. They chose a more gritty aesthetic, akin to goth, in his music video and my god has they pulled it off! From their hairstyles (which are still the first choice of hairstyles for girls) their costumes and accessories were all the rage. But the best part was how beautifully powerful they sounded in the song and how aesthetically they presented themselves.

The choreography was so well done that on the front; it seems fairly easy but when you try to actually learn and do it, it proves to be more tricky than you thought. But it’s so fun that you can’t help but put your all into learning and dancing to it. The hook step is still fresh in our minds, not gonna lie :3

The comeback was already making fans excited as the teasers came out because even though minimal; it gave us a glimpse of how AWESOME it would be. From their set design to the camera angles to the girls’ looks, Everything was legendary.

Even now, when there comes a time to choose BLINKS’ absolute favourite, they would without a doubt be “How You Like That”. This would always be the girl rebellion anthem.

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