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Artist Formerly Working With BTS Ready To Show Off Solo Talent

A former songwriter for the biggest K-pop band, BTS, is soon going to make a comeback in her solo career. Adora, who first worked with BTS on the song ‘Interlude: Wings‘, will release a solo album in March.

Apart from the album Wings, Adora also worked on multiple singles for BTS like ‘Not Today‘ and ‘Spring Day‘.

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In October last year, Adora signed a contract with an agency named Aura Entertainment and subsequently made her debut as a singer. On November 5, Adora released her first single named ‘Make U Dance‘.

Adora is certainly very talented and has also worked on solo songs by BTS members like J-Hope’s ‘Blue Side‘ and V’s ‘Winter Bear‘.

You don’t work with the biggest K-pop band ever and its members’ projects unless you have something special.

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Adora, whose real name is Park Soo-hyun, is a 24-year-old Seoul native. She has massed well around 10 years of experience in the industry!

You can read up more on her fascinating journey up until now here in an engaging profile piece by Teen Vogue.

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