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ENHYPEN’s World Tour MANIFESTO reveals its dates and locations, fans cannot control their excitement

It is the season of happiness in the ENGENE world and the citizens have never been so thrilled! BE-LIFT LABS have just released the dates of ENHYPEN‘s 1st ever world tour and the fandom has received the news with such enthusiasm that it has turned the whole world into ENGENELAND.

On July 8, ENHYPEN announced the dates when they would begin their tour and the places they would hold a concert.

When and where will their first world tour would be held?


Starting off with Seoul itself, they would hold two concerts, one on September 17 and the second one on September 18.


They would then proceed to the US and hold concerts in six different cities. Spanning in the whole October month, the group will perform in Anaheim on October 2, Fort Worth on October 6, Houston on October 8, Atlanta on October 11, Chicago on October 13, and New York on October 15.


Next up would be The Maknae, Ni-ki ‘s home country, Japan and they would perform in Aichi on November 1 and 2, Osaka on November 9 and 10, Kanagawa on November 15 and 16.

If you are not from any of these three countries, worry not ENGENES! Because according to BELIFT LAB *drum roll* the group will soon reveal more dates and cities for the upcoming tour!!

 enhypen tour dates

On-sale dates for pre-sale and general public tickets have not yet been announced. Check for updated ticket availabilities via Ticketmaster.

So get your savings, book a ticket, get your outfits ready, pack your merch and get ready because ENHYPEN IS READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD WITH US ENGENES!

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