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All 4 Blackpink Members Birthdays and Their Zodiac Signs

Blackpink, has constantly been making headlines, whether it be for their social appearances or collaborations. Blackpink members birthdays are momentous occasions, since they are the most loved girl group with an ever-increasing fandom, called BLINKS.

If you are new to the BLINK fandom and want to know when to know more about Blackpink members birthdays, we just made it easier for you. Here are the four beautiful members’ birthdays and zodiac signs.

When should you celebrate BlackPink members birthdays?


Jisoo and all other blackpink members birthdays

Being the oldest of the group, Jisoo was born as Kim Jisoo in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo-si, South Korea on 3 January 1995. She is a Capricorn, who are known to be patient and can persevere through anything.

These are traits that are reflected in her personality, as she is the perfect, caring unnie who is patient not only in guiding her younger members. Further, her strive for excellence shows her determination for her art.


Born in New Zealand on February 11, 1997 as Park Chae-Young, Rosé is a native of New Zealand, hence her fluency in English. A true Aquarius, she is known for her innovation and determination. Blessed with not only stunning visuals and heavenly vocals, she can also dance beautifully.


The cat-eyed beauty is a Capricorn too, like her fellow member Jisoo. Born on January 16, 1996. She is, in many ways, similar to Jisoo, as they share their share the same zodiac sign.

Determined, fierce and caring, Jennie is the perfect idol possessing all three: talent, looks and personality. Even though she is often misunderstood as rude, Jennie is quite the opposite. She is a real soft, always looking out for her members.

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Born in Thailand as Pranpriya or Lalisa Manoban on March 27, 1997, Lisa is a perfect example of an Aries. The people born under the sign are known for their bold and confident traits, as they are always ready to strive for excellence.

Staying true to her sign, she is skilled in not only dance, rap and vocals, she also spars regularly in boxing (anyone should think twice before messing with her).

But the best part? Her goofy, quirky and loving personality. Paired with a wonderful sense of humor, these qualities make her the perfect idol. Now we know why she is called the IT girl of the k-pop industry.

Being the one of the biggest girl bands with an active and lovable fandom, the four girls’ birthdays are celebrated as if they were actual festivals. And as much as the BLINKS’ and BLACKPINK love each other, it’s like celebrating your most beloved family member’s birthday, grand and beautiful.

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