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Act of Concern by Jimin Leaves ARMY in Tears of Love

BTS’ much awaited concert concluded as a breeze and ARMYs are overwhelmed with emotions, seeing their much adored members’ perform live and have fun after such a long time.

One of the things BTS is known for is the love they have for ARMYs and it’s reflected in their gestures, especially Jimin’s.

Why Jimin is most loved

The whole fandom knows how much Jimin and the other members love them. one such instance of Jimin showing his concern and love for ARMY during the Permission to Dance on Stage concert recently went viral and honestly, it will leave your eyes welling up with tears.

The weather had forecasted cold days on the concert days; hence, ARMYs did came in prepared but Jimin was still worried and asked one fan if they are too cold, also telling them to go home safely after the concert.

Jimin loves ARMY so much that he constantly worries about them.

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A similar instance had happened during the band’s “Love Yourself” tour. The venue BTS was performing at was jam-packed with fans. So much so, that there was literally no room to breathe.

The congested crowd became too suffocating for one such ARMY as she started to feel a little faint. Jimin spotted the fan and kept an eye on her with concern.

He informed the nearby staff about the girl’s health condition and watch, worried, until he was sure that she is okay. This reflected how ARMY and BTS care for each other just like a family.

BTS and ARMY- match made in heaven

But it’s not just Jimin who worries, all seven members have their own way of showing concern and love.

Few days ago, just as the concert date was nearing, all the members warned ARMYs about the cold weather through their social media platforms.

The fans care about the seven idols the same way BTS does for them. They always write cheerful and caring messages for the members of Weverse.

In fact, one time, the members even cried, overwhelmed with emotions, because WE, their fans, love them so much. And who wouldn’t live them?

You can check out one such gesture by ARMYs during one of the concerts down below.

But be warned, extreme fluffiness and happy tears incoming!

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