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7 Wholesome ENHYPEN Moments That Will Make the ENGENES Squeal

ENHYPEN is a group which has rapidly risen to fame in a matter of mere years, which is a no easy feat. But underneath all the professionalism and glamor, the members are just young boys who are just stepping into adulthood. Hence, their innocence and “gwiyeobness” still shine through the blinding lights of the kpop industry.

Wholesome Enhypen

So, here are the top seven cutest moments to treat ourselves with a dose of adorableness of the rising stars of 4th Gen K-pop, ENHYPEN.

Is ENHYPEN the most wholesome K-pop band? These moments sure prove so!

7. ENHYPPIES Introductions

During ENHYPEN’s debut show, there was a segment where the group role-played as puppies. Each one of them had their own puppy names and were supposed to introduce themselves using it.

But knowing the members, their introductions took a cute and chaotic turn. Each one of them had their own unique style of introduction, and the way they did it was nothing short of adorable.

6. ENHYPEN and TXT saga of extra greetings

When ENHYPEN bumped into their seonbaes, TXT, during an event, they greeted their seniors formally and respectfully. TXT, on the other hand, was excited and greeted their hoobaes in a loud and enthusiastic manner.

Feeling a bit more comfortable with their chaotic seniors, ENHYPEN greeted them again, this time even louder and more energetically than TXT, with Heeseung and Jay being the loudest among the members. The whole interaction was so cute and wholesome that you cannot see this without going “AWWWW” just as loudly as the two groups.

5. The members feeding each other

During the fourth episode of their reality show ENHYPEN&Hi, the seven members of the group are seen camping, eating barbecue, and having fun. In the beginning of the episode, Heeseung and Jay are grilling meat for the members while Sunoo and Sunghoon drop in to check on them. Sunoo had a bowl of bibim ramyeon with him which he feeds to Heeseung, the latter finding the ramyeon so delicious that he closes his eyes to savor the taste.

The same is done by Sunghoon, who eagerly makes a wrap for Jay and feeds him, earning an appreciative hum from Jay. This whole incident is just a small glimpse of how adorably the members interact with each other. While they are a group together from different places, they behave and appreciate each other just like actual brothers.

4. Ni-Ki’s over-energetic love for “Sundog” Sunoo

Another cute moment during the segment of Puppy Kindergarten is when Ni-Ki is playfully told to do a free dance by the members, especially Sunoo, he does a funny yet cute dance step where he says “I love you” to him. This cute little dance is so memorable that it is deemed as one of the most adorable things that the maknae has done.

3. Every time Ni-Ki is the VLIVE ending fairy

Ni-ki is mostly the one who ends a VLIVE with his greeting, but the way he does it is nothing short of “kawaii”! He just says “kkuet”, which means end in Korean, paired with his billion-dollar smile. This never fails to bring a smile to the faces of ENGENES.

2. Jungwon’s sharp eyes defeated by a staff member’s lightening quick hand

During the fourth episode of ENHYPEN&Hi, there is a game where the members are supposed read from a piece of paper shaken by a staff member of ENHYPEN. The staff member who shook the paper did it with a speed which could put even The Flash and Quicksilver to shame.

But Jungwon was determined to see what was written on the paper, so he, along with Sunoo, leaned to get a better look at it. While he tried to read the paper, the show’s editor aptly said that his stare could burn a hole in the paper.
Poor Jungwon then gives up, saying that he can’t see anything. This whole thing is so cute that we feel like taking Jungwon into a hug and going all *SQUISH* on him. He is literally one of the leaders that come in the *MUST PROTECC” squad.

1. The whole segment of TXT and ENHYPEN Playground

HYBE made the brilliant (and honestly blessed) decision of putting TXT and ENHYPEN in one place, who were playing and literally being their cute, chaotic selves. This whole segment has two episodes, filled with cute and funny moments where members of both groups are playing games, interacting and having so much fun that it makes our hearts blossom with love for these chaotic cuties.

Even though they are the youngest and the fiercest groups of the 4th generation, they never fail to have fun and show their cute sides to the world and the ENGENE fandom. The sweet bond the fandom and the group share is nothing of of pure wholesomeness, just like the members of ENHYPEN.

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