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7 Awesome Sunoo Hairstyles That Will Take Your Breath Away

Sunoo is known for his vivacious sense of humor and a smile so cute that it can literally melt the entire Antartica Continent. However, Sunoo hairstyles have found a fanbase of their own. Here we are with the history of his beautiful hair experiments, from his pre-debut era to the present day.

All Sunoo hairstyles that have blown fans away

Pre-Debut/ I-LAND Era

Foxy yet sparkly eyed Sunoo came into the Survival show I-LAND to accomplish himself as an idol with a cute smile and a beautiful, raven-black hair. Though the color was natural, it suited him like a shiny black crown, giving him a look of pure ethereal beauty.

The color, especially accompanied by Sunoo’s bangs are down, made him look like the most innocent boy ever.

sunoo hairstyle enhypen
Image Courtesy: I-LAND Official Instagram account (@mnetiland)

Debut Era

When Sunoo debuted in ENHYPEN, it was explosive. He kept his natural black hair, but this time it went perfectly well with the dark concept of their album. Thus, the black-hair became one of the most iconic Sunoo hairstyles.

Image Courtesy: ENHYPEN’s Official Facebook account (@enhypen)

“Drunk-Dazed” Era

While Sunoo kept his natural black hair in his last two eras, he went for a complete contrast color with the release of the music video Drunk-Dazed. From his original black hair, he completely transformed his look with a brilliant ash blonde hair.

This hair color made him stand out even more, as all of the members had dark hair colors and only he was the one who had bright hair. Hence, it made him look like a silver-haired fox.

“Tamed-Dashed” Era

In the Tamed-Dashed era, Sunoo dyed his hair a beautiful periwinkle pink. This was an unusual hair color, but it suited Sunoo so prettily, making it seem like the color was made for him.

His hair shined like a spectrum of a million shades in the sunlight, almost like candyfloss. Even when it faded a little, it gave him a sweet, boy-next-door sort of a vibe, like a classic “soft boy.” The best part of it all? The color fit his bubbly personality perfectly.

“Blessed-Cursed” Era

Sunoo went back to his signature black hair in the Blessed-Cursed era, but all the previous times, it was solely complemented by his innocence. This time, his persona resembled more like that of a mature, strong, and fierce person. It gave us a wave of nostalgia and yet it gave us a feeling that he has grown up to be a very fine man.

“Tamed-Dashed” Japanese Version Era

Sunoo continued to keep his iconic black hair in this era as well, continuing his previous look.

Sunoo’s look at present

Sunoo never fails to surprise us with his varied looks, and he has done the same this time, yet again. Just as we were rejoicing the return of black hair Sunoo, the iconic artist surprised all of us yet again when he returned with another contrasting color.

At present, Sunoo currently has an orangish-blonde hair, something he debuted with his most recent appearance at the DFESTA event. During his live at WeVerse, he gave fans a closer look when he uploaded his selcas.

The post, which has been dated 9, 2022, showed him clad in formals, which made him look like a rich CEO who works diligently for his company during the day, and rocks the clubs at night.

While Sunoo has been blessing us with a wide range of hair colors, fans are looking forward to seeing him with more looks and even better styles. ENHYPEN members love to surprise their fans with their varied looks, and Sunoo is no different.

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