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7 Amazing Niki Hairstyles, the Golden Maknae of ENHYPEN

Being one of the youngest idols to ever debut in Kpop, Nishimura Niki has been stealing hearts since he took part in the survival show I-Land. Niki hairstyles have always been the talk of the town alongside his dancing skills in ENHYPEN, and his visuals. So here we are, tracing NI-KI’s hair choices over the group’s eras.

Niki hairstyle enhypen

All the Niki Hairstyles there have ever been even before ENHYPEN

1. Pre-Debut/ I-LAND Era

Ni-ki came from Japan with his innocent eyes, lovely and beautiful mop of midnight black hair. While he was still amongst the younger competitors, he quickly gained popularity as the dancing legend. But what attracted the audience’s eyes was how his hair flew while he made those intricate yet graceful moves. His hair almost seemed to be a part of his routine, as they looked like they were dancing along with him.

2. Debut Era

While most of the group members kept their original black hair for their debut, Ni-ki was one of those who dyed his hair into a different color than his original hair color. And by the bold, contrast choice of his hair color proved how he won’t shy away from making bold moves in the future.

He chose the honey blonde color for his debut hair color and it was a huge hit. The fandom swooned when they saw him in his color as it looked perfect on him, as if it was his original hair color.

3. “Drunk-Dazed” Era

Staying true to the lighter tones of the hair dyes, Ni-ki this time went for the sleek silver hair. While the concept was dark, the stark contrast with his hair made have his persona a needed edge. The best effects of his color were seen when the colorful lights in the music video hit his hair. It made his hair shine with a lost ethereal light, creating a colorful halo around him.

Hence, in this era, the ENGENES were sure that he is actually an angel. He also grew out his hair for this comeback and looked so good that ENGENES consider long-haired blonde Ni-ki as one of the best one so far.

4. “Tamed-Dashed” Era

Ni-ki seemed to have stayed loyal to the lighter side of the color palette, but this time, he gave us another variety of blonde shade, the beautiful strawberry blonde. The concept for this era as bright, the members looking like perfect school/college boyfriend materials. Ni-ki’s red and black costume looked so wonderful on him that ENGENES became literal cheerleaders for the strawberry blonde Ni-ki.

5. “Blessed-Cursed” Era

Ni-ki, in this era, jumped to the darker tones of the color scheme and opted for a really dark brown. The color seemed so dark that it almost looked like black. The ENGENES were just as confused as us, but the confusion was cleared when the light shone upon his hair.

His hair stayed straight yet looked so fluffy that you had to stop yourself from ruffling them. While the change was a surprise, it fit well with the bad boy concept of the era and, hence, Ni-ki graced us with another iconic look.

6. “Tamed-Dashed Japanese Version” Era

In his Japanese comeback, Ni-ki returned to his natural hair color, black, but it still made a notable difference in his appearance. While the Ni-ki who left Japan was a black-haired, innocent boy, the Ni-ki who returned this time was a matured, handsome and successful idol who still possess a beautiful heart, soul and a brilliant brain under those black tresses.

The black hair was perfectly apt for the dark and mystic concept of the comeback and gave the fandom a sense of nostalgia from Ni-ki ‘s pre-debut days.

7. Present

While he stuck to his black hair in the group’s recent appearance at the DFESTA event, Ni-ki seemed to be growing his bangs out and his slightly curled tips of hair made him look like an emo and beautiful, a look he complimented with a wonderful black tuxedo.

While Ni-ki tries and spoils us with an array of different hair colors, it also seems that we are actually witnessing him growing up. Hence, it has made us eager about what choices would he make for his appearance, representing both his changing persona and growing personality.

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