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6 iconic award show looks of BTS that live in ARMYs mind rent free

BTS is a k-pop group that has not only made its name in the global music industry but also permanently fixed its place in people’s hearts. One of the most loved idols on earth, (even the aliens would love them 😭) they have made an exceptional mark for themselves through not only their music but also their visuals. All seven members have been in the top positions on the list of the World’s Most Handsome Men. While their natural faces are responsible for this, their stylists and the idols’ own fashion sense have a part to play in this too. Their stage outfits have always been the talk of the town, but their award show looks are no less. Thus, we bring you *drum roll* Top 6 times where BTS stole the spotlight and show at award ceremonies!

5. 2016 Seoul Music Awards

There are seldom any colors that do not suit BTS, but there are colors that suit them as if they were made to adorn the seven members. BTS proved this phrase right at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards, where they made an appearance. Just rising to fame, the band was now getting under the eyes of people even more than before. Perfect chance to dazzle the audience, BTS wore the gem color, sapphire blue, and absolutely NAILED it.

4. 2019 The Fact Music Awards

One of their most iconic, BTS looks from “The Fact Music Awards” in 2019 was the most swoon-worthy for ARMYs. Still popular across social media, clips, and photos of BTS in this award show appearance is so popular that they are bound to be still present on every ARMY’s phone. These looks, from their “Boy With Luv” era have them adorning different hair colors which makes them even more dashing. Like, come on, who would NOT fall in love with them?!

3. 2020 Grammy Awards

Oh my, we are treading on very dangerous territory in the history of BTS award show looks. Grammys are known to be one of the most prestigious musical awards shows in the world. Hence, it is a big deal when you are invited to them. It was about time BTS put their best foot, or should we say, best look forward, and oh boy, did they do it. All seven of them sported turtlenecks, but their colors and additional pieces of clothing varied. Regardless, it made the ARMYs breathless when they saw the turtleneck-clad BTS.

But if the turtlenecks made them breathless, the next outfit gave them straight-up nosebleeds with fainting spells. They lost their minds when they saw them on their collab stage with Lil Nas X for “Old Town Road”. Everyone, and we mean literally EVERY ONE OF THE SEVEN Korean Hunks, looked so handsome that it still makes the fandom absolutely BONKERS. Like, Silver-haired Slick-back-mullet Namjoon? All black-clad Jin? Blonde-hair Suga with that jacket and all-black outfit? Slick-back and red-jacketed J-hope? Cowboy-black style Jimin? Monochrome animal print-clad V? or the Golden Maknae Jungkook shining through with that black jacket and white t-shirt? HOW CAN THEY LOOK SO PERFECT LIKE—— *hyperventilates in a corner*

2. 2021 Grammy Awards

 Swear to god, we can make a whole montage with BTS Grammy looks, but we can make do with these mentions for now, can’t we? Another set of BTS Grammy looks where they bedazzled the audience. While the Grammy was online due to the pandemic, It was pretty special for BTS as they were nominated for the Best Duo/Group performance for their banger track, “Butter” they attended the ceremony online. But that did not stop them from looking like their beautiful selves. The color scheme they had was of dark and brown tones, and every one of them wore their outfits with their own charm.

But what actually takes the cake is their “Dynamite” performance. They performed in colorful suits with white shirts, following a set style, but OH GOD, they looked wonderful in it. Performing from a magnificent rooftop of a high-rise building in Yuiedo, Seoul, they literally looked like colorful stars in the Seoul sky. Absolutely lovely *cries*

1. 2022 Grammy Awards

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? 😏 We saved the best for the last. 2022 Grammys was a sight to see. This was the first grand-scale Grammy Awards to be held after the pandemic and everyone was so happy to attend it that it literally radiated from their face. And BTS was no exception. Nominated the second time for “Butter” for the Best Duo/Pop category again, they mesmerized everyone with their colorful suits On the Red Carpet. Known for successfully experimenting with their outfits, BTS pulled off the suits like no other.

But the best Oh-HO-HO-HO-HO, was when they went to the opposite side of the concept they had on the Red Carpet. For their “Butter” performance, the whole group rocked the all-black outfits. It fits them like a designer glove, especially made for them. Looking like high-class mafia/ businessmen at a party, they stole the show and the fandom’s breath with that look and it still remains on the top in BTS’ most iconic and hottest looks.

But knowing BTS, we are sure they would bring another look that would compete with the 2022 Grammys look for first place. All we can say and do is, let us pray for our sanity. Meanwhile, let us know YOUR favorite BTS award show look in the comments below!

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