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These 5 dance routines of BTS would definitely make you an expert at dancing

 From winning awards to making the title song for FIFA World Cup 2022, BTS is the ace of kings card of the K-pop industry. Since their debut, they have constantly proved that they are capable of all the skills a k-pop idol should possess. Among all the talents they have mastered, dance is at the top tier of their skill set. Their talent in dancing has made them one of the best dancers in the industry, so much so that people aspire to be as great as BTS is in dancing.

Thus, to help you out, especially the new ARMYs, we have made a list of BTS’s best dance routines (trust us; it was a task, a very difficult one. Like, Squid Games level difficult) so that YOU can successfully groove and dance like your Bangtannie Boys.


The members of BTS have always been the biggest advocate of self-love and self-appreciation. While they have made beautiful melodies like “Love Myself”, what could actually be the anthem for our confident selves is their banger track, “IDOL”. One of the most satisfying songs the band has ever made, the choreography of “IDOL” has impeccable formations, graceful yet fierce steps, and swag. Oh my. It is perfect for people who are feeling under-confident about themselves. It would help not only the world but also themselves realize that they are enough and awesome as they are.

4. Black Swan

While loving ourselves is necessary, it is also a long process. Hence, during the course of this journey of self-love, it is possible that we would encounter the obstacles of doubting ourselves and feeling unmotivated and sad. In such cases, when we cannot express ourselves vocally, we use art to do so. Dance is one of those arts which can aptly express your innermost feelings. Black Swan is such a song that can perfectly become an instrument for you to express all your negative feelings with the grace and fluidity of a swan. Hence, to learn a fusion of contemporary and western dance forms, the Black Swan dance routine is the perfect one for you.

3. Save Me

Fan-voted as one of the most synchronized dance routines, “Save Me” is choreographically flawless. From soft moves to fast-paced dance breaks, the routine has it all. Thus, to enhance your dancing skills with a hard yet enjoyable dance routine, go for “Save Me”. Plus, you get to relive the iconic “Jimin Save Me” moment, which is now a successful meme, thanks to Jimin’s fellow group-mates.

2. ON

One of those songs which have a dance AND cinematic/storyline music video, “ON” by Tannies is another dance routine that is perfect for working out your dance muscles. And the dance break, my my. If you want a tough choreography to polish your dancing chops, go for “ON”.

1. Run BTS

Currently ruling social media and the hearts of the ARMY, “Run BTS” is a pretty special one for the fandom. It has sentimental and swag value of equal measure, and hence, for a song like this, a hard-hitting choreography was necessary. And the band did not disappoint AT ALL. It’s all fast-paced, fierce, and strong with choreography to die for. Thus, topping our list is one of BTS’ best dance routines, “Run BTS”

bts dance routines

While we have mentioned only five routines among a treasure of them, this list would help you learn the dance in a more steady way, and will make you fluent in the BTS dance language in absolutely no time. Want us to make another part of this compilation, let us know in the comments below!

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