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5 BLACKPINK Dances that will turn you into a professional BLINK dancer

BLACKPINK is popular as one of the biggest girl groups in the world and has been reigning over the music industry with its melodies since its debut. Known not just for their vocals and rap, they are actually quite the dancers too. From their formations to hook steps, BLINKS have it all memorized like the back of their hand.

While the experienced fans are well-versed with the girl group’s dance routines, it’s the new or the “baby” fans who have difficulty in learning their BLACKPINK bias’ moves. Hence, to help the Baby Blinks, we have compiled a list of the best dances through which you can be a pro-idol-level dancer!

5. As If It’s your last

One of BLACKPINK’s most loved songs, the track promises you a routine that is fun, relatively easy, and perfect for you if you want to learn a carefree and preppy routine whose dance would make you feel more happy than tired. So, you need a fun dance to do with your homies? This is the perfect song and dance to do so!

4. Kill This Love

Now, everyone knows that breakups are hard, especially if you were cheated on or wronged in any way. But you know the silver lining to heartbreak? The revenge. And what better activity to let your frustration out than dancing? Divert yourself from the pain to the perfect distraction with BP’s high-energy song, “Kill This Love”. With the vibe of a choreography that would let loose your heart and soul, this song is perfect if you are into energetic and hard-hitting songs.

3. How You Like That

This song has been special for BLINKS as its dance practice was the 1st K-Pop dance practice video to reach 1 billion YouTube views. Hence, you know it’s bound to be amazing. From perfect formations to an absolutely AWESOME dance break, the routine is a blend of dance and swag. Now you know what to dance on to get your inner confident BLINK out.

2. Pink Venom

The latest hit album by the band, “Pink Venom” is the song fans have been waiting eagerly for. With a rock and carefree vibe, this routine has been on the “dances to learn” playlist of many fans. There are many fans who have become a part of the BLINK fandom with this comeback itself and hence, it would be easy for them to learn this choreography and absolutely SLAY it with their swag. Let your sweet “pink venom” flow through your moves 😏

1. Shut Down

 This song is such a banger that it is still reigning in the social media dance section. Though the moves are simple, the impact they put is far greater than imagined. A perfect song as an answer to everyone who questions your capabilities. This routine is currently a trend on social media platforms, giving you the perfect opportunity at the right time to learn this routine and hop on in the trend.

blackpink dance routines

While there are other songs too which have impeccable choreography, the songs we listed here like, the foolproof plans to make you an expert BLINK dancer. Let us know in the comments how your progress goes!

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